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Your Business Legacy

As an owner of an independent property management company, you must focus not just on your company’s position today, but its potential for growth, expansion and profits in the future. You’ve worked hard to build a sustainable enterprise - and, of course, you want to see it thriving for years to come.



A history of sustainability in your market, with a track record of growth and increasing profits.


Your company’s future expansion potential in terms of doors under management, in addition to staffing levels, workload and historical business turnover.

Continued Engagement

Your career development—and that of your colleagues— increases your company’s attractiveness in the marketplace. Engaged, enthusiastic, upwardly mobile professionals on board can significantly enhance the value of your business.

Long-Term Stability

Your company’s ability to remain viable, to build and retain good talent, and to adapt to changing market conditions.

Associa Advantages

Backed by Associa, North America’s largest HOA management company, RHOME helps thousands of landlords across the United States and Canada save time and money on their leasing and property management needs.

As the industry leader in community management, Associa proudly serves nearly 5 million homeowners. With a wide array of programs and services ready to fit each client’s specific needs, we help bring superior results to communities every day. We put people first—always—which is why when you choose RHOME, you get a level of trust and security you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Proven track record with over 150 successful acquisitions
  • Solid financial backing
  • Efficient deal process with simplified due diligence • Competitive financial returns and rapid payouts
  • Smooth and efficient integration processes, assuring minimal “shake-ups” to staff and client base
  • Professional development opportunities for sellers and employees that wish to advance their careers

Our People

With a team that includes some of the industry’s most respected leaders, Associa offers clients a level of experience and passion that’s unsurpassed.

Our Reach

We serve thousands of landlord’s in the US & Canada, which means that clients receive exceptional benefits and services from an industry leader with a wealth of experience to best serve their needs.

Our Innovation

Industry-leading technology guarantees clients’ assets and data are safe, with secure online access available 24/7 on all devices.

Our Customer Service

Providing friendly, local service to associations across the globe is our hallmark.